Going Gluten-Free

Following a lead that our son Mitch recently got from a nutritionist who linked allergies and general throat-and-nose inflamation with gluten, we are trying a gluten-reduced, if not quite gluten-free diet. Oh my…picture me studying old recipes to see if I can adapt them to a rice-blend flour, and reading Betty Hagman’s, The Gluten-Free Gourmet, as though I were studying for an exam. (Having never been a gourmet of any kind, I am dubious about being a Gluten-Free one!) The test will be–can I bake gluten-free things my grandkids will actually be able to eat, or will I have to cook two separate batches of cookies, two separate meals?

So far, I have this from nearly-seven Spencer–“I like your chocolate chip cookies, Gram, but they make me thirsty.” Me, too.

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